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It was fun at first but then I won everything so like...

Its ok

I give it three stars becuase its a cute and fun game and my little brother loves it but I did not give it five stars because its not really a fun game but its ok and its a little kiddish.


I used to play this when I was 2nd grade and now its fun


I gave this to my younger cousin who just turned five and he loves it. At first I doubted that he would understand the game but it is perfect and he hasnt had to ask me for help once. I definitely recommend this game for kids ages 4-8. Great game!

Fun but needs a tweak or two

I have two kids who love this game, ages 5 & 2. The only issue is that once you collect all the "treasures" there is no motivation to really keep playing. Deleting and reinstalling the app works but it would be nice for updates to have additional items or a reset button in the app so reinstalling it isnt the only way to start all over again.


Ok my little sister got this game and on this road trip she left her headphones in the trunk so she had the volume all the way up and I hear these hideous noises saying "Ha Ha" and Dad says, What the heck is that horrible noise. And she explains and I end up getting the game and I use it to tick off my big bro

Good app for childrens

This app is good for kids its a lot of fun when you collect them all I just wish there was bikes :)

New Idea

Hello creators! This is Trexmarios dad, and Trexmario was wondering if you could create a new update to Lego Juniors Create and Cruise? This update would allow you to scan your own Lego people and vehicles. There would be separate screens to scan people or vehicles. Once they were scanned in, then you could use these images in the game. Thanks for your consideration Trexmarios Dad

Hate the update

It was better when it was not updated no way to jump I hate the update

Wonderful App for Preschoolers

This is a fun and easy app for preschoolers. Once my grandson won all the rewards, I was able to reset the app by uninstalling then reinstalling it. It would be nice to have a reset option in Tools to reset the rewards.

Its ok but...

Thought this game would be better then what it is. Its ok for being free but some things are sad

Good game.

Quick comment. My child is somewhat sad that he doesnt collect the "money" Legos anymore now that all options are unlocked.

I am shocked.

I guess I should have read the description and the reviews lol I thought it was for pre teens or something if u just want to build I suggest town master fussion this was a mistake

Great but,

New update hasnt done anything. Please be more specific about updates.

No rewards

After the update, the game started having glitches. Now, there are no reward coins. They are not able to earn extra parts. There is no motivation. Please fix it.

Lost ALL earned pieces

My son loved this app. Then I updated it and ALL of the pieces he had earned are gone. He now has to start over with one of everything and no interacting for extra coins. He is only 4 and does not understand what happened to all of his trucks. Please fix this issue!!!

This upgrade is boring

It was so cool. Well, it was. Then, the upgrade came. You cant get pieces by interacting with objects, and when you are a vehicle you cant reach the high pieces. And when you are a big vehicle, they just place the pieces even higher! Please get the old version back and I will give 5 stars.

Upgrade not as interactive.

Just upgraded and my son and I are disappointed to see that interacting with the environment no longer rewards you with pieces. We also miss the shark in the pirate cove.

Its good

It is a good game if your bored.


The game is a great game

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