LEGO® Juniors App Reviews

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Total hardcore gaming! Its perfect for my age but my mom doesnt like that its 17+.

Super Cool!

Total behämmert gut!Ich habe es direkt zweimal gespielt!Coole Monstertrucks!


can not play on iphone 3G.

never too old for lego

is it weird that im 15 and love this

Argh! Shuts off with multi-touch!!

Our son wants to play this all the time and its easy for him to play, but if he touches it with more than 2 fingers at once it instantly shuts off - annoying!!!


Not the greatest all you do Is drive a car around an collect coins there is only one map and you play it all the time.. Not so fun


Ive never played such a stupid game!!!

Ben Ben


Cool game

Well done. My 4 years old son loves it. Make more!


Game crashes after finishing story mode


Good job guys great for kids just make sure you put out updates with new pieces.


The game freezes up constantly between stages which drives the family nuts. Would be an awesome game, our 2.5 year old loves it but he keeps having to have the iPad restarted in order to replay.

Crashes on 1st gen touch with 3.1.3

Keeps crashing on open, 1st gent touch, iOS 3.1.3, clean install. Process: lego [246] Path: /var/mobile/Applications/F13B75AF-A6E3-4ACF-A142-A9C00D047BE2/ Identifier: lego Code Type: ARM (Native) Parent Process: launchd [1] Date/Time: 2012-03-14 19:15:58.369 -0400 OS Version: iPhone OS 3.1.3 (7E18) Report Version: 104 Exception Type: 00000020 Exception Codes: 0x8badf00d Highlighted Thread: 0 Application Specific Information: failed to launch in time elapsed total CPU time (seconds): 21.590 (user 14.740, system 6.850), 99% CPU elapsed application CPU time (seconds): 8.770, 40% CPU

Well Done

I agree... our 2 yr old really enjoys this app on the iPad and iPhone... the game play is intuitive, colourful and rewarding. I would also encourage the developers to continue enhancing of this app with new pieces/puzzles etc. Thanks!

Great for little ones!

My 2 year old loves it, but its so short. Wish the levels were longer, I would even be willing to pay for an upgraded version.


This is the wortst game you are a stupid

Really good

I love Lego so once I saw it I got it!!!!!!!!

Perfect for little kids

I have been looking for a game small kids can play and this game is perfect. I actually enjoyed it myself. More games like this please.

Long live lego

Im a 12 year old and I love it


With the small tires on the vehicle it gets stuck on the logs and there is no way to exit to main game menu or get unstuck from the logs. Uuuuugghhh !

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